Lymph drainage

Lymphatic drainage improves immunity

Lymph drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system are composed of organs and tissues in your body, and they help to dispose of toxins and waste naturally, thereby improving your immune system. Massage therapists apply pressure on areas of the body with lymph ducts to increase the process of removing metabolic waste.

Clearing the lymphs helps supports a healthier immune responses. For example, your lymph glands are tissues that contain white blood cells. When the body detects bacteria or viruses in the lymph fluid, the lymph nodes produce more infection-fighting white blood cells, keeping you healthy.

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Applying pressure to lymph areas

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Recover from medical procedures and fluid retention

Lymph drainage is also used before and after surgery to help the immune system.

In the past, lymphatic drainage was primarily used for people with obesity and plus size individuals. This massage technique benefits people of size by reducing fluid retention.

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