The benefits of abdominal massage

Improve waste and toxin elimination

Chi Nei Tsang can improve blood circulation to vital organs and mobility through your intestines

An abdominal massage can be used as therapy to help you process and recover from overindulgence of food and drinks during the holidays. A press report, published in The Evening Standard, revealed that you could “massage your way to a flatter stomach.”

Delivered correctly, an abdominal massage, such as Chi Nei Tsang, will focus massage therapy on your stomach area, including your digestive organs. This will improve blood circulation. You will also benefit from increased mobility of your intestines, which will help you eliminate toxins and waste from your body. The easing of your symptoms, as well as the relaxation of your muscles, will bring you relief from associated stress.

Other press reports also note the health benefits of Chi Nei Tsang, including that it can improve your sleep.

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