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Flatiron Massage | Massage Therapy NYC is a private practice dedicated to outcome-based massage therapist treatments, offering targeted treatment for specific problems that the client presents. Massage therapists adapt massage therapist treatments from several massage types. Flatiron Massage is located in the Flatiron District/NOMAD neighborhood of Manhattan.

Flatiron Massage is a private practice specializing in therapeutic massage therapy in NYC

Our massage therapist studio is located in the Flatiron District of NYC

Flatiron Massage is located on Broadway, near 25th Street, just a few blocks from Madison Square Park, which faces the famous Flatiron Building. North of Madison Square Park is known as NOMAD.

The Flatiron District has become a dynamic neighborhood in New York City. Community events and artistic exhibits at Madison Square Park, the neighborhood’s rich history, and very unique architecture make the Flatiron District attractive to a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers. Flatiron Massage is pleased to serve this neighborhood.

Types of massage therapist services in NYC

With knowledge of many modalities and years of experience, Michael Hayes LMT offers sports massage therapy, pre- and post-natal massage, Shiatsu and Swedish massage therapy, and Thai foot reflexology.

Flatiron Massage specializes its work with people with pre-existing conditions, as well as athletes, runners, and physical fitness trainers.

Massage Therapy Services

Flatiron Massage specializes in deep tissue massage, medical massage, and sports massage therapy

Massage Therapist NYC – Flatiron District/NOMAD – New York, NY 10010

Flatiron Massage offers therapy in NYC

Flatiron Massage is located in the Flatiron District/NOMAD.

Massage Therapist NYC - Flatiron/NOMAD - New York, NY 10010

Flatiron Massage is dedicated to outcome-based massage. The principal is Michael Hayes, LMT, who has been a massage therapist in NYC for over 20 years.

We offer targeted treatment for specific problems that clients present. After a thorough assessment and evaluation by a medical massage therapist, clients will experience relief from current pain. We will discover underlying issues that may aggravate pre-existing conditions and offer treatment.

NYC Massage Therapist Studio

Flatiron District/NOMAD Location


Michael Hayes, LMT
1123 Broadway, Suite #910
New York, NY  10010
Telephone: (917) 553-7710