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Michael Hayes, LMT, has been a massage therapist in New York City for over 20 years.

His massage practice is dedicated to outcome-based massage. The idea is that massage can offer targeted treatment for specific problems that the client presents.  A thorough assessment / evaluation by a medical massage therapist can help alleviate current pain and also discover underlying issues that may aggravate pre-existing conditions. 

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Swedish massage’s main benefits include pain relief and overall relaxation. A standard massage address most major muscle groups of the body and increase blood flow.

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Shiatsu practitioners apply pressure to points on the body connected to meridians. By applying pressure to points, therapist promote the flow of vital energy (chi) throughout the body
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Sports massage is ideal for treating injuries and as well as a preventative treatment dealing with the health of muscle and connective tissue, helping to maintain and improve range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle and quality of posture.

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According to acupuncture and acupressure theory, there are 7,200 sensory nerve endings in each foot, which are connected to the internal organs of the body. Thai foot massage is based on the belief that there are zones and reflex areas in the feet which correspond to the systems of the body. Reading signs on the feet, understanding the client, and applying combinations of pressure using the thumb, finger and hand is the foundation and art of this highly reputed technique.
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Lymph drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system improving the process of removing metabolic waste which supports the immune system. This massage technique benefits people of size by reducing fluid retention. If you can imagine a stopped up sink releasing the fluid which improves the body’s circulation of fluid processed in the body. Lymph drainage is also used before, & after surgery to help the immune system. In the past, lymphatic drainage was primarily used for people with obesity and plus size individuals. This type of massage helps to increase your metabolism by clearing the lymphatic ducts.
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Chi Nei Tsang is a massage technique done only on the organs in the stomach in order to get to the emotional causes of deep-rooted dis-ease. This kind of detoxifying massage comes from China and is an ancient Taoist practice which gently (yet deeply) works the organs on all levels–physically, emotionally and spiritually–in order to make them work more efficiently and to heal unprocessed negative emotions that the person has repressed throughout their life.
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Pre natal massage helps expectant mothers sooth nerves and release stress & anxiety, Massage also assists in reducing swelling/edema and increases the flow of oxygen to your blood. Post natal massage with an experienced practitioner can help new mothers restore their bodies, regulate hormones, speed healing and even improve breastfeeding


"I've known MIchael for 15 years. He is magical and knows how to locate the source of pain or stiffness. His massages are not light, they are not always soothing, but no one can locate the source of the problem better than Michael. Although I no longer live in New York, I make it a point to see him after traveling 2600 miles to fix my body. He does deep body work and has helped me recover from prior injuries over 15 (+) years. I would recommend anyone local or out of town to visit Michael in NYC for a massage."
- Todd N.
"Michael is an incredible healer and body worker. I have been seeing him for 7 years as often as I can afford. I leave his table renewed, relaxed and open to an unparalleled level, every time. I've received body work from 30+ other people across the country and he is the best I've ever found. Strong if you want it, super knowledgeable of anatomy and energy, and a super warm hearted person. He will change your perception of what is possible on the massage table, and in your body. I've referred countless friends to him and everyone swears by him. Highly recommended folks. Thank you Michael!!!"
- E M.
"If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! Michael is the best massage therapist I have ever know. I have been seeing him regularly for close to 20 years, but no one holds a candle to his skill level. His massage is totally tailored to you personal needs. He finds problems and fixes them. He has a 6th sense about where you are tight and why, and then remedies the problem. He's a big guy, but a gentle soul. You would be doing yourself a favor to being to see him as regularly as you can!"
- Andrew S



Michael Hayes, LMT
Telephone: 917-553 -7710

41 Union Square West
Suite 724
New York, NY 10003
(AFTER 5pm ENTER here: 22 E 17th St,)